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     Mr. Manoogian has acted as a Mediator for both unrepresented and represented litigants in Marital Litigation throughout his career.

     In 2015 Mr. Manoogian received his Certification in Marital Arbitration from the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers after completing their extensive training program in Chicago.

      Confidential Mediation, conducted between unrepresented parties and employing the parties own tax preparer or CPA to verify financial reality is the most efficient and economical avenue to resolution of a marital dissolution.   That it can be completely confidential as to all specific terms of the ultimate settlement is a bonus for the discreet and cooperative spouses.

     Mr. Manoogian has also conducted confidential Mediation for parties with one or both parties independently represented by counsel.   The ultimate results of Mediation require the full agreement of each party, and, thus, remains under the control of the parties and not their respective attorney’s or the Court.

     Confidential Arbitration is another way to reduce the time and cost of a formal trial by participating in an informal discussion of relevant facts and evidence to the Arbitrator, who then renders an opinion for resolution of the issues presented.   In a “non-binding” Arbitration either party can object to the Arbitration “Award” and request a full court hearing.   If both parties are satisfied with the results, a Judgment is entered and the litigation is resolved.   Thus, in a large and complex estate situation, the parties have the opportunity to present their evidence, quickly and informally and without the added cost of the formalities required by a Court Trial or the public exposure.


     Throughout his practice, Mr. Manoogian has repeatedly recommended to his clients that they seek second opinions regarding any issues where strategy or substance can generate conflicting opinions.  Mr. Manoogian will recommend qualified expert colleagues to provide alternative opinions for consideration by the client prior to commitments being made.  Likeswise, Mr. Manoogian is willing to provide second opinions on proposed agreements, valuations, or support agreements on an hourly basis, at the request of litigants or their attorneys. 

     Mr. Manoogian is available on an hourly basis to discreetly consult with litigants or potential litigants seeking confidential feedback on issues arising during marriage, prior to or following separations, as well as during marital dissolution proceedings.    This can include referrals to reputable counselors, therapists and child custody experts to provide the client with as much information as possible prior to making life changing decisions for both plaintiffs and defendants. 

     Finally, Mr. Manoogian has appeared on behalf of litigants as an expert witness testifying on issues relating to community property, attorneys fees in Family Law proceedings and the standard of care (attorney malpractice) for attorneys in the field of family law.  



     While a Pre-Marital Agreement can alter the application of California Law to a certain extent, doing so has its own set of complications and issues best explained by an attorney with Mr. Manoogian’s experience and communication skills.

      Pre-Marital counselling as to statutes applicable to all marriages in California is, on the other hand, highly recommended.   Such counseling is of particular value with first time marriages and with potential blended families.  An hour with Mr. Manoogian may help avoid disagreements during a marriage that might, otherwise, fester and damage the relationship.  Frequently, when younger people marry they are unaware of the actual “Marital Contract” represented by the application of California’s Community Property, Child Custody, and Child and Spousal Support Laws that will apply to their marriage.

     While Mr. Manoogian is not an advocate for Pre-Marital Agreements in all marriages, they can be helpful under certain circumstances.  A pre-marital agreement for a second, or late in life marriage can provide peace of mind to the parties, as well as their heirs and provide a financial road map for the marriage.


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