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The Law Offices of John E. Manoogian have been recognized and respected as a top tier Family Law office since 1977.   Working in all aspects of Family Law from Pre- Marital Counseling through traditional representation in Marital Dissolution Litigation for more than forty years, Mr. Manoogian is known for his quick grasp of financial issues as well as his communication skills in addressing emotional issues and those relating to children, both minor and adult. Mr. Manoogian has maintained a reputation for honesty and candor at the highest levels of the profession.

Manoogian Law

Family Law


Family Law


Mediation & Arbitration

"Mr. Manoogian is well respected in the world of Family Law, and is as smart as they come! He is also incredibly gifted with an amazing public speaking ability that bodes extremely well in the courtroom. Also, Mr. Manoogian has demonstrated to me a commitment to customer satisfaction in ways that were surprising and pleasing, given the general public's typical perception of attorneys in general. Call Mr. Manoogian if you want the cream of the crop!"

-Terri M., Fremont, CA

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